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Bellaghy Historical Society – February 2006

For the February meeting Bellaghy Historical Society had as speaker Mrs. Pearl Hutchinson, Chairperson of Kilrea Historical Society, who took members on “A Walk around Kilrea” – a fascinating computer projector presentation of old photographs of this historic plantation town.   With each one Mrs. Hutchinson added explanations, anecdotes and amusing asides about the subject of the photograph, all related with a deep and affectionate knowledge of the town and with great enthusiasm for her subject.   She told of the town’s plantation in the seventeenth century by the Mercers’ Company who built the Castle – now in ruins – and St. Patrick’s Church although there had been an ancient church whose ruins are still to be seen adjacent to it and which is said to have been built by St. Patrick.   The photographs ranged from images of Fair days, a Hiring Fair, a family setting off on a side car for emigration to America, to photographs of old shops with their wares displayed outside on the pavement, white aproned proprietors standing proudly by, to historic houses,the old village pump and the War Memorial which was constructed on top of it.   Mrs Hutchinson concluded this very evocative presentation of Kilrea as it was with a charming series of recent photographs taken in all seasons of the town and its surroundings, set to delightful music.   The Chairperson, Mrs Mary Breslin, thanked Mrs Hutchinson for a enthralling evening obviously greatly enjoyed by all present. She also reminded members of next month’s meeting when Mr.Graham Gault will speak on “Wiring the Atlantic” – the enterprising early days of laying cables on the ocean bed when communication as we know it now was unheard of.