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Bellaghy Historical Society – October 2010

Folk Cures – Doreen Mc Bride
Doreen gave an interesting talk on cures where people applied or consumed plant extracts
to cure common ailments.
spidersʼ web: for cuts; to trap germs in surgery theatres.
ivy leaves: for chilblains.
poteen: for sprains.
Guinness: similar vitamins/iron content as milk.
bees/honey: arthritis.
a bee keepers bees were “told” of a death in the family;
a black piece of fabric was placed over the hive upon the death of the bee keeper.
gorse: was boiled and used as a cure for worms;
was used to sweep clean chimneys.
heather: absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
primrose: is a sedative.
violets: for constipation.
robert (a pink geranium): cures bleeding.
nettles: prevents scurvy- young spring plants have lots of iron and vitamin C.
fever few: for arthritis; for headaches.
willow: for headaches.
garlic: an antiseptic;
lowers blood pressure;
raises low blood pressure;
clears spots when applied topically.
ginger: for nausea.
mint tea: for nausea.
dandelion: (roots chopped, dried in the oven and ground to make coffee): a diuretic.