Bellaghy Historical Society – March 2013

March, Tuesday 12th, 2013
Clive Scoular: The Dublin Lockout of 1913.

Larkin & Connolly.
Larkin-born 1879, Liverpool, to Armagh parents. Apprentice in fatherʼs firm. 1890s-became
ill, off work for ages & listened to socialst meetings; back at work as casual docker, earning
very little.
1893, stowaway to Soviet Union; when returned to England, joined Independent Labour
party; became foreman dock porter-had ambition.
1900-earned £3, 10 schillings/week.
1903-married; became an orator-spoke at open air meetings in Liverpool parks; joined
national Union of Dock Labourers. (unions a new phenomenon); became itʼs General
Organiser at age 23/4. He re-organised ports in England/Scotland/Ireland.
Arrived in Belfast & called for strike because of terrible pay & conditions.
1911-1914: he had people of Dublin on strike all the time; trade unionists then were very
powerful people.
1912-several trade unionists, but not Larkin as was a convicted felon, were elected to
Dublin corporation. His sister, Delia, set up first ever womenʼs workers union.
1913-widespread strikes- 30 strikes in Dublin, Jan-August.
Tramway men, Dublin, leader-William Martin Murphy, not allowed to join union, employers
locked out 25 workers.
Larkin -dressed as woman by Constance Markievc, sneaked to hotel (now Clearyʼs store),
addressed crowd from upstairs window-arrested.
relief gathered, sent to Dublin. Constance set up soup kitchen at Liberty Hall, 1913.
Strike a failure-back to work for less money.
Nov. 1913-Citizen Army formed to protect people from police.
Larkin, the “Chief”, disliked by hierarchy.
1914-war, Larkin against it. Went to US for 8 years, to gat funds for Ireland; didnʼt
understant easter Rising.
1917-arrested as pro German when US joined war.
1919-arrested again as “criminal anarchist” & “dangerous agitator”. Defends himself in
court. Convicted 5-10 years. Pardoned by New York Governor after 2 years.
1923-returned to Dublin & welcomed.
Foran & OʼBrien had increased membership of unions by thousands.
1924-in Russia; named a communist. returned to Dublin, set up “Workers Union of
1947-Larkin died. His sons carried on.
Connolly-born Edinburgh, son of “night soiler” from Monaghan.
Joined British army at 14; married; listened to socialist views of K.Hardy.
Set up Scotish Socialist Federation; gat job in Dublin, £1/week.
Set up irish Socialist Republican Party. Was a political thinker; believed in an independent
republic & in socoalism; friendly with Maud Gonne & C. Markievc; writer in his own papers;
invited to give lecture tour in US.
1903-returned to US for 7 years-promoting socialism & help for Ireland.
1910-back to Derry; published “Labour in Irish History”; established reputation as a
socialist thinker.
1913-went to Belfast-there were anti home rule pogroms; because of attitude of Carson &
Craig, Connolly didnʼt make much progress.
Connolly often helped Larkin out of trouble! He returned to Dublin & was also in jail at
Opposed to partition, Connolly was a militant; edited ʻIrish Worker”; erected banner on
Loberty Hall-”we serve neither king nor kaiser, but Ireland”.
P.Pearse decided Connolly would be a signatory on 1916 proclamation

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