Bellaghy Historical Society – March 2010

Moira OʼRourke. Lough Neagh Partnership.
March 9th 2010
The Lough Neagh Partnership(LNP) aims to develop the
economic sustainability of the Lough Neagh(LN) area. The
Heritage Lottery has made available funding to promote LN.
There are 81 townlands surrounding LN. The LNP wishes to
compile information on the townlands based on
archealogical sites, industrial heritage, defence heritage,
desmenes, battle sites, folklore memory and placenames.
NE of Lough Neagh, the land is high and arable. SW,S,SE is
boggy and low lying.West of the Lough lie the flood plains flat,
marshy land.
LN was an economic hub in the 14th-18th centuries for
agriculture, weaving and distilling-before the onset of canals
and railways.
The NI Environment Agency, Hill St., Belfast has maps,
databases and a website pertinant to LN.
Ordnance Survey Memoirs give an insight to life in 1830s
Ariel photography and topographical files are held in
Armagh and in the Ulster Museum.
The LNP wishes to create a heritage tool for future heritage
and conservation research by publishing collated
information in book form and on a website.
The LNP will provide for local community input into the
gathering of heritage information.
The LNP will launch a three year programme,funded by the
Heritage Lottery to include community based projects;
excavations(on a small scale);field walking and recording;
building restoration; publications; exhibitions; creation of
heritage trails, etc.

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